What is a Muscle knot?

As a massage therapist this is probably one of the most frequently asked questions.  A 'knot' or ‘trigger point’ develops when muscle fibres remain stuck, contracted in a tense state. The muscle fibres bunch together to form palpable nodules when the muscle tenses repeatedly, either by overuse, poor posture, mental & physical stress, faulty biomechanics or a mixture of everything.

Deep tissue or remedial massage can help to break down the nodule, separating the muscle fibres from their contraction promoting a better blood supply, anti-inflammatory response and restoring flexibility.

Trigger points can cause pain and affect range of movement so it is best to address them early.  The pain can vary from a really intense pain to a dull throb or ache.  Some people may experience pins and needles or numbness with referred pain into another location.  Trigger points can be felt all over the body but the most common place is the upper back.  This is usually caused by a combination of stress and poor posture especially if you spend your working day at the computer.

These trigger points are often the feeling of ‘good pain’ while having a massage.  The paradoxical combination of soreness and relief.  I will often use Neuromuscular trigger point & Myofascial release technique in my remedial massage sessions.
The best way to prevent these sore muscle knots is with regular soft tissue therapy - Massage! Finding time to relax the body and mind with mindfulness, listening to music or doing something that you enjoy. Stretching regularly and keeping active is also incredibly important to keep the muscles flexible.


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