Chinese Five Elements & Face Mapping

Chinese face mapping views the face as a map with each section connecting to a dominant organ of the body and one of the Chinese 5 elements.

If one organ is stronger or weaker it can cause imbalances that manifest as pimples, blemishes, discolouration, broken capillaries, rough patches and fine lines.

At Pure Therapy when I observe my clients skin as part of the initial facial analysis I am looking not only for the skin type, texture and colour but use this face mapping technique to acknowledge any imbalances in the elements and organs for a truly holistic approach to better skin health.

Anything that is happening within the body will almost surely be presenting itself outwardly via the skin.

Wood Element is aligned to the season Spring and connected to the Liver and Spleen energy. A wood character is like a tree, firm and sure with flexibility when needed.  Skin in this element tends to be normal to combination with uneven tone and will benefit from the Elemental Herbology balancing range with active ingredients of kakadu plum - high in vitamin c, sepitonic - a multi vitamin to encourage cell renewal and pearl extract to balance sebum production without drying.  Products in the range include Harmonising Cleansing Oil, Perfect Balance Moisturiser, Skin Resurfacing Pads.  Wood Rejuvenating Bath & Body oil with Lemongrass, Ho leaf and Nutmeg will rejuvenate the body and mind while relieving aches and pains An ideal recovery post exercise.

The Fire Element is aligned to early Summer and connected to the Heart and Small Intestine energy.  Fire symbolises outward movement, warmth and maximum energy.  A fire character has the capacity for joy and enthusiasm and to fulfil goals but is prone to burnout.

Skin in this element can be oily, congested and prone to break outs.  The antibacterial botanicals including tea tree, bisabolol and aloe vera of the oil control range will help purify and calm. Cool & Clear  Cleanser, Moisture Milk and Facial Detox.  The Fire Element bath and body oil will energise and stimulate the mind and body with the essential oils of orange, marjoram and rosemary

The Earth Element rules late summer and is connected to the Spleen and Stomach energy.  An earth element character is nurturing and compassionate, a peacemaker. Earth element skin types can be dull and prone to pigmentation.  Earth aligns with the Elemental Herbology radiance and vitality range symbolising transformation and harmony using AHA’s, Kombucha and Green Tea to brighten the skin.

Elemental Herbology products in the Earth element include the Vital Cleanse, Facial Glow, Cell Nourish, Nutrition Infusion Mask, Vital Glow Overnight Cream.  

Earth Harmony bath & body oil will calm and centre the mind with essential oils of Mandarin, Lime and  Cedarwood to restore balance.

The Metal Element is aligned to Autumn and connected to the Lungs and Large Intestine.  A metal element person is one of life’s planners-organised and focused.  Metal element skin is mature with fine lines and dark circles under the eyes.  The age support range is for those in need of extra nourishment and to target the physiological signs of ageing. This collection contains natural and nutritional ingredients including lanablue (blue green algae to reduce wrinkle depth and boost collagen ), liftonin (Sourced from oak apple and millet to firm the skin and strengthens the cell structure. ) Hematite ( Iron oxide to firm the skin and promote collagen synthesis ) for the ultimate support of mature skin.  Products in this range include Bio-Cellular Super Cleanse, Hyaluronic Booster +, Bio-Cellular Matrix serum, Cell Active Rejuvenation and Eye Elixir. 

The Metal Detox Bath & Body oil uses Juniper Berry, Grapefruit and Rosemary to purify and invigorate a sluggish body by boosting the circulation and lymph.

The Water Element is aligned to Winter and connected to the Kidneys and Bladder energy.  Winter is a time to nurture, support and be calm.

A water element character is full of strength and often drawn to bright colours. Skin in this element tends to be dry and dehydrated and maybe sensitive.  The moisture replenish rage will provide extra moisture and nourishment while calming the skin which include natural botanicals including Inca Inci- an oil with high levels of Omega 3,  Argan oil, Aquarich and Collagen

Products in this range include Purify & Soothe Cleanser, Cell Plumping Moisturiser, Facial Souffle and the new Antioxidant Hydration Mist.

The Bath & Body Oil with essential oils of Rose Damask, Yang Ylang and Lavender will promote relaxation and a peaceful nights sleep while deeply nourishing dry skin.

Chinese five element.

Elemental Herbology focuses on restoring the balance in your body, mind and skin

The Five Element Theory is a fundamental theory of Chinese Medicine. It is the belief that all things in life, be it your body, your skin, or even the seasons are influenced by five different elements - Wood, Fire., Earth, Metal and Water

We need a mixture of these things to live a balanced healthy life and it is when these elements are not in harmony that your body and mind become unbalanced and prone to diseaseListening to your body is key as element will be needed at different points of the day, week and year.


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